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Hum/Noise Eliminator 2-Channel Box with XLR Jacks

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Model PHE400
UPC 068888738293
Warranty 1 Year
Addt'l. Playback Connectivity N/A
Audio Channels N/A
Bluetooth N/A
Brand PylePro
Condition New
Count of Subwoofer One
Diameter Subwoofer N/A
Phantom Power N/A
Rack Mountable N/A
Watt Power (MAX) N/A
watt_power_max_text N/A
  • 60 Hz Noise RemovaL
  • Removes AC Hum Noise
  • Breaks Ground Loops Safely
  • Maintains Highest Sonic Quality
  • Passive Device: No Power Required
  • High-Performance Ultra-Compact Design
  • 1/4-Inch TRS Phone and XLR Inputs and Outputs on 2-Channels
  • Audiophile High-Quality Components and Exceptionally Rugged Construction
  • Automatically Converts Unbalanced to Balanced Signal Without Any Signal Loss
  • Uses 11:1 Isolation Transformers to Break Loop Antenna and Balance Audio Lines
  • Automatically Translates Signal Voltages to Match Difference in Ground Potentials
  • Almost all 60Hz AC hum is caused by ground loops that act like radio antennae (loop antenna). The Hum Eliminator completely eliminates this by breaking the ground loop, making it impossible for the signal lines to pick up the AC hum and noise in the first place. Unbalanced lines are more susceptible to picking up electrical noise and RF interference than balanced lines - the longer the unbalanced cable, the greater the chance of a problem. Using this device to connect two pieces of equipment is one of the most cost-effective ways to convert between unbalanced signals and true balanced signals. Automatically Translates Signal Voltages to Match Difference in Ground Potentials.

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    Great Product Review by Larobb L
    Hum eliminator works as promised. If you have a mobile DJ setup, this is a very inexpensive piece of equipment to have. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Hum?Noise Eliminator Review by Addison L
    I had a bad hum when going from my laptop into my receiver. However, the Pyle-Pro Hum/Noise Eliminator removed that hum, giving me crystal clear sound. It took a minute or so before the hum disappeared, but it was good for good. (Posted on 6/8/2016)

    2 Item(s)

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    Product Questions

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    My PHE400 Mini Hum eliminator has no comprehensive documentation. WHERE (in what sequence) do you connect it to (assuming multiple other pedals) ?
    any device with 1/4" connecting emiting hum - mainly pedals instruments keyboards etc.
    PyleUSA Support answered on March 23,2018
    DOes the hum elimator go before or after the phantom power supply of a condenser mic?
    it connects after.
    PyleUSA Support answered on December 06,2017