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Bluetooth In-Wall Receiver Wall Plate Audio Control Amplifier (USB Microphone & Aux Inputs)

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Model PWA15BT
UPC 068888757270
Warranty 1 Year
Addt'l. Playback Connectivity N/A
Audio Channels N/A
Bluetooth N/A
Brand PyleHome
Condition New
Count of Subwoofer One
Diameter Subwoofer N/A
Phantom Power N/A
Rack Mountable N/A
Watt Power (MAX) N/A
watt_power_max_text N/A
  • Microphone Paging and Speaker Control Made Easy
  • Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming Ability
  • In-Wall Audio Control Receiver with Built-in Amplifier
  • Universal Gang Box / Wall Plate Standard Size
  • Can be Hard-Wired or Powered via Included Power Cable
  • Aux (3.5mm) Input
  • Connect & Stream Audio from Your Favorite Devices
  • (Smartphones Tablets MP3 Players Laptops Computers etc.)
  • USB Port for Device Charging
  • 1/4'' Microphone Input
  • Rotary Master Volume Level Control
  • Speaker Terminal Block Connect (2) Speakers
  • Input Selector Switch (Stereo Mic Bluetooth)
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Power ON/OFF Switch
  • Perfect for Home or Office Applications
  • Built-in Safety: Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Accessories Included: Power Adapter & Wall Plate Cover
  • *Power Supply Cable Available Model Sold Separately: PS5A
  • *Mic Only Works When Switched to Microphone Mode

    Bluetooth Connectivity:
  • Controller Receives & Directs Bluetooth Wireless Audio
  • Works with All of Your Favorite Devices:
  • (Smartphones MP3 Players Tablets Laptops Computers etc.)
  • Bluetooth Network Name: 'BT-RY' (No Password Required)
  • Wireless Range: 30' Feet (10 Meters)

    Technical Specs:
  • Power Output: 100 Watt Peak 40 Watt RMS
  • Mic Input Type: Dynamic
  • Power Amp Type: Stereo Class-T
  • Minimum Load Resistance: 4 Ohm
  • T.H.D.: 0.06% (8 Ohm 1 kHz)
  • Power Draw: 2 Amps
  • Power: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz (12V DC Adapter)
  • Control wireless streaming Bluetooth audio with the Pyle Wall Plate Controller. This in-wall amplifier receiver adds microphone paging and speaker control in a convenient, mountable location. Built-in Bluetooth allows you to stream music to a connected intercom, speaker or microphone system -- quickly & easily. Enjoy features like rotary control volume adjustment, microphone input, USB port for device charging, Aux (3.5mm) jack for connecting external devices, along with an included power adapter (if you decide not to 'hard-wire' the power connection). The rear panel speaker terminal block allows you to connect, and stream your audio to a pair of connected speakers. Universal standard size gang plate fits most deep electrical boxes and allows for a clean in-wall installation. Add convenient audio control with the Pyle PWA15BT In-Wall / Wall Plate Bluetooth Audio Control Receiver.

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    Product Questions

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    Can you please provide information on how to activate the BT connection.
    "You can turn on the BT connection by pressing the master sound knob. Please check the link below for the connection of the BT. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N1TOneoiOzOdr_NhqpKQWjdX-fOdHwbh
    PyleUSA Support answered on January 18,2019
    PWA15BT. Which terminals do I use for speakers in series and speakers in parallel? 1 & 3 or 1& 4?
    Hi Pete,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Unfortunately, PWA15BT is a non bridgeable unit. Meaning we can't do series and speakers in parallel connection. Thank you
    PyleUSA Support answered on December 06,2018
    Is there any way to turn off the audible beep between songs when connected via bluetooth?
    Hi John,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Please be advised that the unit will produce a "beep" sound when connected to the Bluetooth for the first time.

    If the unit keeps on beeping every song there is something wrong with the program of the unit.

    We have dedicated tech support call center that would love to help you troubleshoot your issue. Please contact 718-535-1800 press 2 for customer service and then 1 for tech support Monday to Thursday 9 am to 5 pm EST.

    PyleUSA Support answered on November 28,2018
    I'm looking for a device which allows 2-way paging from upstairs to downstairs and bluetooth connectivity. Do I need 2 of these panels?
    please check our website - pyleusa.com -- or call our Sales Dept - 718-291-4142 - for further assistance - -
    PyleUSA Support answered on May 28,2018
    I would suggest you take the term "hardwired" off this product. It cannot be hardwired, it must have the adapter or it will fry the amplifier...
    Noted - that is also the reason why we've provided the power adapter - -
    PyleUSA Support answered on May 18,2018
    Can the PWA 15BT be hardwired without using the adapter?
    Technically Yes - but we prefer and suggest you use the Power Adapter since its power surge protected unlike directly hardwire - -
    PyleUSA Support answered on May 17,2018
    Does the USB port can function as a card reader or it's just for charging?
    USB Port for Device Charging
    PyleUSA Support answered on May 16,2018
    If someone is paired to this device, do they have to "un-pair" first before someone else can pair to it? Will I have to re-pair every time to connect?
    yes they need to un-pair their devices and you need to re-pair if you want to be connected - -
    PyleUSA Support answered on March 01,2018
    Please help me choose btw BT speakers (PDICBT852RD) and PWA15BT + 8" ceiling speakers (that you would recommend). It´s for a living room 14'x26'x10'H
    PWA15BT is only 100 watts max capacity - - you cannot use neither PDIC66 (200watts capacity) nor PDICBT852RD (250watts) capacity - -
    PyleUSA Support answered on February 21,2018
    One of the wires got disconnected. It's the short black wire connected to the blue integrated circuit on the back. Not sure where to connect. Help.
    Its should be connected to the ground or negative (-) wire - -
    PyleUSA Support answered on February 21,2018
    Is there any manual in portuguese??
    No -there isn't.
    PyleUSA Support answered on February 21,2018
    Do you know of a transformer that can be used to hardwire this that will fit in a double junction box alongside this unit? If so, model # please.
    No - please make use of the AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz (12V DC Adapter) - -that we provided.
    PyleUSA Support answered on November 29,2017
    Can this be used for only a single speaker without loosing half of the audio signal? I'm looking to put modern components in an old radio.
    No I apologize it is a stereo signal and it is not bridgeable.
    PyleUSA Support answered on September 25,2017
    Can I wire the output to a mixer input instead of directly to a speaker?
    If you get a speaker level to line level converter. Available on Amazon if you search.
    PyleUSA Support answered on September 14,2017
    Is the 4 Ohm rating per channel or total? I have two 4 Ohm speakers (Polk EX Series II EX693a) that I plan on using with this amp.
    It is an 8 ohm amplifier with a minimum of 4 ohms. It will not operate below 4 ohms.
    PyleUSA Support answered on September 14,2017
    The PWA15BT came with the black/red power leads connected to a jack. Can the AC/DC adapter be plugged directly in this jack for inside the wall power?
    Yes that is what is it designed for. But you must use a DC transformer.
    PyleUSA Support answered on September 11,2017
    What product or device can I use to provide direct power to Bluetooth In-Wall Receiver. Also, how can I prevent others from connecting to this device
    You would still be required to use a 12 volt DC power transformer, the unit requires you to be present in front of the device to pair.
    PyleUSA Support answered on August 28,2017
    Can one outside source be paired to multiple wall controls to play the same music in multiple rooms?
    No I apologize BT technology only allows connection to one source at a time.
    PyleUSA Support answered on August 14,2017
    Can you rename the Bluetooth Network Name to something other than "BT-RY"? This would be very helpful when using multiple devices.
    No I apologize it is not possible to change the BT name.
    PyleUSA Support answered on July 24,2017
    can i connect 4 speakers to pwa15bt? thank you
    It is not stable at low impedance, it would be better to only connect 2 channels. Unless you wire the speakers i series. Google series and parallel speaker wiring.
    PyleUSA Support answered on June 21,2017
    If I want to use one of these in every room for Whole Home Audio, can each device have its name changed somehow instead of the stock Bluetooth name?
    It cannot have it's name changed but it requires that you press the pair button to pair. So the user need to be physically present to initially pair with device. SO this prevents the person who is paired with the living room from pairing with the bedroom.
    PyleUSA Support answered on May 04,2017
    What is the extra gray wire with the shrink wrap for - it is on the top of the back.
    It is an antenna
    PyleUSA Support answered on January 19,2017
    Can This be hard Wired?
    It can be hardwired to to a 12 volt DC power supply
    PyleUSA Support answered on December 30,2016
    What is the best way to hard wire this device directly to a standard 110v 15amp home electrical circuit?
    Hide the 12 volt DC convertor in the wall.
    PyleUSA Support answered on October 27,2016
    I just bought four, I want to hard wire. I have a 12V DC, where do I plug the gray and white signal wires and the gray wire that is on the back side
    The Gray and White signal wires and the signal ground connect to your stereos audio output. SO when you switch to stereo mode, you will here the stereo.
    PyleUSA Support answered on August 24,2016
    Can I wire the power to the back of the device, inside the wall and avoid having the power plugged into he front?
    If you want to wire the power of the unit from the rear inside the wall, so they dont have anything outside the wall for a cleaner installation.You can install the Pyle PS5A 12V Power Supply Cable inside the wall somewhere and run the 12 volts through the wall and connect to the rear of the unit.
    PyleUSA Support answered on August 15,2016
    How many Amps is the 12 Volt power source?
    It is 2 amps
    PyleUSA Support answered on October 28,2015