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2-in-1 Automatic Coin Counter & Sorter - Coin Counting & Sorting Machine

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Model PRMC620
UPC 068888770279
Warranty 1 Year
Addt'l. Playback Connectivity N/A
Audio Channels N/A
Bluetooth N/A
Brand Pyle
Condition New
Count of Subwoofer One
Diameter Subwoofer N/A
Phantom Power N/A
Rack Mountable N/A
Watt Power (MAX) N/A
watt_power_max_text N/A
  • Hassle-Free Coin Batch Counting
  • Automatic Counting with Simple Button Operation
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with All U.S. Coin Currency
  • Works with Penny Nickel Dime Quarter Half Dollar Dollar Coins
  • Also Sorts/Groups Coins According to Variety
  • (2) Selectable Coin Counting Modes: Free Count & Batch Count
  • Free Count Mode: Displays Total Money Value Processed
  • Batch Count Mode: Counts to a User- Specified Money Value
  • Digital LCD Display Screen
  • Convenient Total Coin Value Readout
  • Includes Coin Collecting Tray Containers

    Technical Specs:
  • Counting Speed: 216+ Coins/min
  • Load Capacity: Up to 500+ Coins
  • Power: 220V
  • Dimensions: 14.0’’ x 13.0’’ x 10.4’’
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    Product Questions

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    hello i'm from country Georgia, i'm interested with your product PRMC620. can it sort another coins? is it programable or it is only for cents? thanks

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Can it sort another coins?
    - Yes, It uses for presetting the number of the different value coins.

    Is it programmable or it is only for cents? thanks.
    - Yes, but there is a specific program that you can do for the unit.

    You may check other details by clicking the link below


    Thank you.
    PyleUSA Support answered on December 11,2018
    How to set up the machine with Colombian coins ?, different from the US coins
    you can't : Universal Compatibility: Works with All U.S. Coin Currency only
    PyleUSA Support answered on March 23,2018
    Buenos días esta maquina tengo entendido que las están configurando para contar pesos quisiera saber si la configuración se hace remota o se destapa
    (2) Modos de conteo de monedas seleccionables: recuento de lotes y lotes gratuitos
    PyleUSA Support answered on March 15,2018