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4GB Waterproof MP3 Player/FM Radio with Pedometer Stop Watch LCD Display and Included Waterproof Headphones (Black Color)
Product is currently discontinued.
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Model PSWP25BK
UPC 068888750288
Warranty 1 Year
Addt'l. Playback Connectivity N/A
Audio Channels N/A
Bluetooth N/A
Brand PyleSport
Condition Discontinued
Count of Subwoofer One
Diameter Subwoofer N/A
Phantom Power N/A
Rack Mountable N/A
Watt Power (MAX) N/A
watt_power_max_text N/A
  • Measures Distance Steps Calories Burned
  • Built-In Pedometer Stop Watch Swim Fitness Function Modes
  • IPX-8 Waterproof Rating for Use in 3.3 Feet Water Depth
  • 4 GB Music Storage Capacity USB 2.0 File Transfer Interface
  • High-Fidelity Sound Reproduction
  • Supports MP3 and WMA Music Formats
  • ID Tag Readout on LCD Display Showing Song/Track Information
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery For up to 10 Hour Playing Time
  • Includes Sets of Waterproof and Dry-Use Ear Bud Tips
  • Stereo FM Frequency Range: 87.5MHz - 108MHz
  • Safe Operating Temperature: -23° F - 104° F
  • EQ Settings: Nature Rock Pop Classic Soft Jazz
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • The Pyle PSWP25 Waterproof MP3 Player allows you to listen to music while you do laps in the pool or do some training in the water. Choose from FM Radio or use the 4GB internal memory that allows you to save your favorite tracks right onto the MP3 player. Workout Modes include: Pedometer, Lap Counter and Stop Watch that'll give you new ways to exercise -- all while enjoying your music. The IPX-8 Waterproof Marine Grade Rating allows for submersion in water up to 1 meter (3.3 feet). The PSWP25 also has an LCD display that measures Distance, Steps, Laps, Strokes Taken and Calories Burned. Add some music, strap it on and dive right in - it's that easy. Additional features include ID3 Tag audio track readout information, MP3 and WMA music format support, built-in rechargeable battery, EQ settings and more. Comes with everything you need to enjoy your music in the water (headphones, data transfer/charging cable, waterproof and dry-use ear buds).

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    Customer Reviews

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    MP3 sports Review by Tim k
    works perfectly (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Great product and great idea to have waterproof mp3 player. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Pyle Surf Sound Review by Jon l
    Always wanted a mp3 player / radio for swimming and after testing it out today, it worked great. I'm glad i purchased this. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Waterproof MP3 Review by Robert Lee
    Great features! (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Pyle Sports Review by Steven G
    Very nice design and capabilities. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Review by Michael H
    This product has many great features for people who want to enjoy music while playing or working outdoors. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Review by Valeria V
    Love the radio, but could be easier to use. Not easy to scroll through music. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Comprehensive Review (Part 1) Review by K H
    -Just got the PyleSports PSWP25 in the mail yesterday. I’m currently in the ‘reading-the-instruction-booklet’ and ‘follow-the-directions-for-start-up’ phase of use. Honestly, I've been waiting years for a device like this and can't wait to put it through its paces. I swim 3 – 6 days/averaging 5 – 10 miles a week, so this little device is going to get some heavy testing. I'll post a review on how the product performs in a few weeks. =)

    -The Surf Sound booklet that comes with the Pyle Sports PSWP25 could be improved with the inclusion of either/or/both an index or table of contents, which will help the reader locate relevant information.
    - For example, I cannot seem to locate anything in the booklet that relates to warranty information, even though the flyer that is included with the device says there is one (stipulates 1 year). For me personally, I took the gamble because I bought it through Amazon, which has an excellent return policy if the device is defective. I also should add that the company offers an additional warranty (3 months) if you post a review of the product. I think this company wants people to independently review this device and tell people about it, which is a positive thing. If this device is crap, you'll be hearing from me soon. =)
    -The device has FM but could be improved with the inclusion of AM; especially for the avid sports fans out there that listen to games or others that listen to AM broadcasting's (university broadcasts/HAM radio broadcasts/amateur radio stuff/etc.).
    -It has a non-universal charge cable (USB one side and headphone-type male plug other side). This is needed because the device charges through the same port that the headphones enter at. This is good in that it minimizes potential component exposure to water, but also bad because you only have one cord to charge with. DO NOT lose the cord as replacing it could be problematic. (Cord on the charging cable measures approximately 18" for those that are deciding whether or not this will plug into the back of their computer and be accessible without the use of a yoga session...climbing under the desk and contorting to plug it in. Problem solved by purchasing a USB wall socket plug in and placing this near where ever your store your gym bag/hang dry your swimsuit).

    -A NON-WRIST WORN device that COUNTS LAPS and PLAYS MUSIC/STEREO. This is one of the few companies on the market to offer all three of these features in one small, highly portable, device.
    - I like that the company wants the inclusion of Facebook, Twitter, and other current online social media to promote and INDEPENDENTLY review their product. I used Amazon reviews and YouTube videos to review online items before purchasing this swim device.
    -The device supports XP operating system. This is useful for the older swimmers that are more than likely to still be (and continue to be) using XP.
    - A product manual whose English content is coherent. I only caught a few typos and they were more spelling-type errors rather than content errors. Real bonus in this day in age when everything seems to come from elsewhere and English as a second language is almost becoming its own language.
    -22 languages offered on the device.
    -Earphones have 4 different types of ear buds so you can use the size that fits best. The headphones have an over-the-ear design which may or may not be comfortable to all. (when I wear them I'll let you know what I think about long term usage of this design).
    -Lots of photos in the manual showing the device and the windows that the device will display to teach the user how to go through the various set up functions.
    -lap counter, distance conversion, time, calories burned: this is a great suite of offerings for a swimmer. I HATE having to calculate the laps to distance/meters and divide 1650 into the distance calculated to get mileage. If this device works, I am going to be a happy camper!
    -4GBs of Storage space! that's a hefty amount of audio material. Better than many of this devices competitors. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Great to have swimming music! Review by Charlotte W
    This is a handy little unit for working out and swimming. (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Waterproof MP3 Player Review by Timothy V
    Fantastic device for the hardcore runner/athlete. Great capability in a compact/lightweight package. I love it! (Posted on 6/8/2016)

    Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

    per page
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    2. 2

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